The Universe where blockchain and dreams meet

The world of DearMonsters has existed since the advent of blockchain technology. Through years of exploration efforts, we have finally unearthed the fabled and mythical Universe of DearMonsters. Friendly and lovable creatures, DearMonsters seek to find a trainer they adore to travel and live within the vast lands of the DearMonsters Universe. Currently, we have discovered the Hunter's Valley and set up a trading post and training ground for friends alike to start their trainer dreams. Join us as we explore more wonders together in an exhilarating journey of great discovery and rewards!

  • DearMonsters(DMS) contract address:
  • 0x9bfd1348cf574e3eb2b114cc18374b09ad012c69
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Training Ground
Play to Earn

At the training ground, players will battle minions to earn DMS tokens and EXP to level up their DearMonsters


Guilds will be introduced progressively across phases. Guilds allows players to band together to share tips and item knowledge and as well as to devise strategies to participate and dominate in guild wars event

Trading Post

There will be a trading post for players to trade commodities and DearMonsters

Farming (staking)

Players are able to place their DearMonsters into the farm for recurring income. This is especially for those who are unable to commit time to the game. Farming rewards are earned in the form DMS tokens


To create more interaction within the community, we will be releasing this raffle feature. Players can participate in the weekly raffle for free to stand a chance to win DearMonsters. Winners will get to have a rare Dearmonster and other collectibles

Other Features

More features are currently in development and announcements will be made when they are ready


Development Map

Conceptualization of Idea for Game
    - Apr 2021

  • - Brainstorming of ideas for play to earn' feature
  • - Ensuring soundness and sustainability of play to earn concept

Development Begins
    - Jun 2021

  • - Gathering of team
  • - Generation of content

Creation of Token
    - Nov 2021

  • - Marketing of game
  • - Presale 1
  • - Listing on PancakeSwap
  • - Launching of social platforms
  • - AMA sessions
  • - Audit contract
  • - Launching of NFT artwork

Launch of Website Initial Version
    - Jan/Feb 2022

  • - Marketing
  • - Partnerships with CEX
  • - DearMonsters V1 game play launch
  • - Marketplace
  • - Sale of Caves

Future Roadmap

  • Pre-Sales
  • Graphics for -DearMonsters
  • UX/UI Development Official Launch of Social Platforms
  • Launch of marketing
  • Listing on Pancake Swap, Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • Launch of DearMonsters game V1
  • DearMonsters Trading Post
  • DearMonsters Raffle
  • Sale of Caves
  • Audit Contract
  • DearMonsters Farm
  • More Listings at CEX
  • Guilds Beta
  • Content & Affiliate Marketing
  • Launch of Daily/Weekly Tasks
  • Release of more DearMonsters
  • Guilds Gameplay
  • Guild Wars
  • Guild Leaderboard
  • Guild Dungeon
  • Progression of DearMonsters
  • Enhancement of DearMonsters Ecosystem
  • Release of skins
  • DearMonsters Evolution to develop skills
  • Partnerships with retailers for players to redeem products with DMS
  • Game Client Beta
  • Skill and Strategy based PvP
  • Partnerships with retailers for players to redeem products with DMS
  • Game Client Beta
  • Skill and Strategy based PvP
  • Guilds Gameplay
  • Guild Wars
  • Guild Leaderboard
  • Guild Dungeon
  • Progression of DearMonsters
  • Enhancement of DearMonsters Ecosystem
  • Release of skins
  • DearMonsters Evolution to develop skills

Our Team

Main Developer

The backbone of DearMonsters, Vadim plays a pivotal role in the development of DearMonsters. As a Certified Javascript, Focused Full Stack Developer, Blockchain and Machine Learning Engineer with 5 years of experience in Blockchain and Machine Learning, his expertise and vast knowledge in these aspects has been paramount in the development of DearMonsters

Blockchain Developer

James is an experienced Senior Blockchain Developer adept in all stages of advanced Solidity smart contract programming and Dapp developing. His diverse skill set has made him indispensable in the development of DearMonsters

Zheng Shi Lu
Blockchain Developer

With 7 years of blockchain technology experience under his belt. Zheng’s immense understanding and experience in web development and mobile app development has been valuable in the development of DearMonsters. His involvement in other successful projects and as well as his ability to effectively solve problems is being shown in the process of developing DearMonsters

Tom Lee

The brain behind DearMonsters – Tom has 8 Years of experience as a director and CEO in several startups and companies with a strong financial background and proven expertise in fuelling growth with his strong vision and business acumen. He manages and plans ahead for the overall progression of DearMonsters

MX Lee

With 10 years of experience in the banking sectors in global hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong, MX is responsible for the conceptualisation and creation of the reflection token. MX also manages the growth and economy of DearMonsters; ensuring sustainability of the DearMonsters ecosystem by introducing logical and effective burn mechanisms. MX is instrumental in ensuring DearMonsters’ play to earn concept remains sustainable and healthy in the long run

Kundan M
Graphic Designer Animator

With 9 years of experience in Graphic Design and Animation, Kundan is the person who brings life into the characters in DearMonsters! Do look forward to her work in the upcoming developments

Ahmed Naveed
UX/UI Designer Graphic Designer

The platform where all DearMonsters assets exists on, Ahmed plays an integral part in the team to ensure that the user interface for the mobile app and desktop landing sites are well designed. With 7 years in UX/UI designing, he brings valuable experience and expertise to enhance player experience in DearMonsters

Zaryab Ahmed

His technical expertise includes cross-platform proficiency, fluency in many scripting / programming languages and advanced knowledge of developer applications, tools, frameworks, methodologies and best practices

Tan ZH
Project manager

A First-Class Honours graduate from National Technological University of Singapore, Tan Zh is the project lead for the development of DearMonsters. With a 7 year experience in project architecture and related fields, he designs the system architecture for each project in the form of system and sub-system block diagrams. He defines quantifiable and achievable technical requirements, work packages and workflows for resource planning. He is also integral in the design of user stories to align expectations between customer and development team.

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